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jueves, 23 de enero de 2014

BOSU Sport Stability

BOSU Sport Balance Trainer 55cm has a sleek, compact layout that makes it possible for for simple transportation and storage.Suitable for absolutely everyone from elite athletes to youngsters to weekend warriors trying to remain in shape, the Bosu stability trainer assists you strengthen and coordinate numerous major muscle groups, which includes the muscles you never see.

The Bosu targets your core muscle tissue–the muscle groups all around your abdominal and back spot–while you perform a host of diverse routines, from squats and bicep curls to lateral shoulder raises and hip extensions.

 As a end result, you not only achieve power, trim, and tone, but also increase your balance and coordination along the way. In addition, Bosu training aids strengthen the thoughts, with thoughtful motion that calls for the participant to not only be physically concerned, but also “right here and existing” with the thoughts totally engaged.

By combining bodily and mental concentrate, Bosu training will improve your overall performance across a broad continuum of actions, such as sports, recreation, and day-to-day duties. The Bosu stability trainer–which measures fifty five cm and comes in blue–comes with a foot pump and an physical exercise manual. Stability ball trainer for strengthening and coordinating core muscle groups Supports squats, bicep curls, shoulder raises, crunches, and far more Strengthens, trims, and tones whilst improving balance and coordination Contains foot pump and physical exercise manual Combines physical and mental target measures 55 cm in diameter

This review is from: Bosu Sport 55cm Balance Trainer (Sports)
As others have commented, the contents of the box don’t really match the description. I got a pump, but no fill tip; I did not get the DVD. HOWEVER, I had a pump from my large exercise ball and an extra seal tip, and didn’t need the DVD. In that case, this BOSU was half the price of another one, and I calculated that I could get along without the peripheral stuff. The BOSU itself is club quality, and was quickly pumped with my exercise ball foot pump. It did include an exercise booklet that gave me more ideas than I’ve gotten at my gym (where I use one of these).
so: if you really want to spend another $60 for a pump you already have, and a DVD you don’t use, get one of the other products.
as an aside — this was shipped in an ENORMOUS box, but on Amazon Prime, that didn’t matter to me.

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